English Prayer List

  1. I, Fr. Jesus Nieto, pray that those hospitalized with the Coronavirus that may be comfortable and have a  good recovery.
  2. From Susana Martinez, catechist: Pray for my son, Hector Martinez, called in to work at Stanford Hospital. He is studying to be a doctor. May the Lord keep him safe. (03302020)
  3. From Sally Lau, Chinese Community: Pray request for my daughter, Gloria, who live and work in NY City by herself. I just sent her two packs of non-alcoholic cleaning wipe today. Very hard to find in NY now. May God keep her safe. (03272020)
  4. From Natalie Fiero: Tell Father to please pray for the father of some friends who passed away yesterday Carlos Senisse; and I have a cousin doctor (Silvia) in NY who is high risk in her hospital and 2 friends with COVID 19 in Spain, Rommel y Ramiro to include them in his prayers.